Saving Grace

On New Year’s Day 2018 The A.N.N.A. Shelter in Erie, PA got a call about a dog freezing and starving literally to death that needed our help. Immediately Team A.N.N.A. members sprang into action with necessary treatments at the shelter upon her arrival. Staff veterinarian, Dr. Franklin, was on call this evening so this poor girl was able to receive the life saving medical care she so desperately needs. She is alert and responsive but obviously emaciated and has severe frost bite on her muzzle, ears and pads of her feet. As I type, she is on IV fluids and medications to help prepare her system for food. The next 24 hours are most critical for this brave soul so please send her your prayers, love and warm thoughts. She needs to be able to keep food down and start her long road to recovery. Please include in those thoughts the wonderful humans who are helping her right now! This sure isn't the way anyone wanted to start the New Year but is a sure sign from God that we are doing exactly what we're supposed to be doing exactly where we are needed the most!  Dogtor Gizmo did a saving Grace Challenge, by offering to learn to jump hoops for donations.  $900.00 was raised to help Grace through her long journey to recovery. 

See Dogtor Gizmo jumping hoops on the videos Page.