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We were so excited about the hundreds of entries we received that we modified our calendar to include 16 months instead of 12 and changed the format so we could include many more of your beautiful babies to help our cause. This was one of the hardest contests we’ve had to judge, all of your babies are precious, we wish we had room to include every single one of them, however, our space is limited. Thank you again and we look forward to seeing your babies in our next fundraising contest.

with every $15.00 Donation you get a free calendar

Orders will be shipped on or before December 15th, be sure to ask your family & friends to order so they too can help change the lives of rescued pets. 

click the calendar tab above, then click the photo of the calendar benefiting the organization of your choice.





Abby - Karen Bernier

Alex - Rebekah Fadden

Angel - Lori Derespina

Anabis - Vivian Sanchez

Archie - Paige Yutsus

Ari & Layla - Valerie Miller

Asher - Gina Petri

Bandit - Teri Yool

Bear - Carl Rizzo

Bear - Tracy Joyce

Bella Hazel & Mezra - Mary Kay Deeter

Bella - Cindy Twofeathers

Ben & Trixie - Brenda Vickey

Bentley - Kelli Romero

Bessie -Linda Hefner

Beth Ann - Lee Smith

Big Lou - Lisa Isaacs

Boston - Heidi Bertz

Brinley -  Jackie McCaan  

Bruno - Bob Semple

Bruno Mars - Jason Miller

Buddah Bear

Bug -  Suesan Keller

Buster -  Tiffany Peterson

Caesar -  Art Romska

Callie - Julie Free

Candie - Sherry Stevens

Chico - Ivee Garcia

Cosmo - Danny Dalton-Scamman

Dexter -  Jennifer Ann

Diamond, Tilly & Sophia - Colleen Luick- Galida

Dito - Cassandra Devries

Dolly - Jenn Torres

“Eddy” - Ashley Bednarz

Ernie - Barbara Nixdorf

Finn - Julie Feuge

Gemma - Amanda Kirkbride

Ginger - Hope Foster

Grace - Tink Tink

Hank -  Julie Filson

Harlee Rose - Darlene Chauten Robin

Hazel - Alba Reyes

Hector - Abe Alfieri

Irina - Anylu Yuvi Gaarciia 

Iris -  Misty Kouba

Isis - Tori Highly

Jabba - Jody Sutphin

Jack & Jewel - Rhonda Serges

Jaspurr - Aubrey Maynard

Jax - Alexa Anderson

Joey - Rhonda Argabright

Keeper - Gerri Randolph

Khloe - Teresa Swoger

Koko - Peke Tales

Lacy - Bev Lucini

Lady Bird - Kyle Davis

Leo - Marina Sanchez

Leo - Maddie Mead

Lil’ Miss Ruby - Monica Kemeny

Lincoln - Gabrielle Lenotte

Lord Stanley - Lauren Datz

Lyla - Jacque Kelley

Madame Pounce - Angel Beers

Maddy - Vicki Privette

Maggie - Mandy Holland

Maggie - Beverly Maigatter

Maizey - Melody Bien Kahtava

Marley Jane - Paige Wassell

Marvel - Hope Foster

Mary Mittens - Susan Laux

Mary - Susan Nielson

Masha - Loy Romero

Mayson - Kim Antonio

Meghan - Michalle Olmstead Dubots

Midnight - Brittany Navarre

Miss Marcie - Carol Waters

Molly - Jennie Miller

Mona - Jessie Valencis

Ms. Coco - Todd Lawver

Ms. Fit - Shane Blevins

Mylie Lirue - Elizabeth Landry

Obie - Michaela Paladino

Patches - Kathy Abel-Wagner

Patis - Maryons Solono

Penelope - April Kovich

Pistol - Heather Salvatore

Pok - Leisa Eman

Pucci Fae - Elizabeth Landry

Puppy - Liz Martinez

Roman & Lace - Charlene Wong

Roxy -  Julia Ladner

Saint -  Amanda Reynolds

Sam - Holly Michaud

Samara - Suesan Keller 

Santino - Jessica Megan

Savannah -  George Spicer Sr.

Scooby Doo - Vicki Ward

Scooter - Renee Knott

Scruffy - Sharon Swank

Shadow The Handsome Husky

Shawty - April Griswold

Skittles - Dianna Gleaton

Spif - Rachael Cotrell

Stirling - Carmen Castro

Tank - Tony Goss

Tato - Mary Carmen Sillas

Teddy - Angie McConnell Gibbs

Teddy Bear - Michalle Olmstead Dubots

Tilli - Gail Boyer

Toronto - Stacy Meyer

Tuah Bean - Tracey Fentum

Wendy - Kathy Cross

William Lance - Deborah Sutton

Xena - Emily Cope

Zara - Tricia Luko

Zuri - Lynn Connelly 

ZuZu - Valerie LaManna